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Babysitter Wanted

Babysitter Wanted (2008)

No Nudity

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Every teenage girl’s nightmare is explored in the horror thriller Babysitter Wanted (2008). When college freshman Angie Albright (Sarah Thompson) takes on a babysitting job to earn extra money, things go terribly wrong. First her car breaks down so the family she is babysitting for has to give her a ride out to their isolated farm. They leave for their night out then soon after an evil man breaks in and she must save herself and the young boy she is watching as she is terrorized throughout the night.

Sarah’s roommate is played by Jillian Schmitz who enjoys hanging out around the house in very little. When we first meet her she is in just pajama pants and a bra, showing off her sexy body. Later she invites a guy over and hangs out with him wearing a tiny pair of shorts and a half shirt that gives us some serious pokies and underboob. Jillian’s jumblies will have you getting hands on with the roommate in your pants!  Cristie Shoen is captured by the bad guy who strips her down to her bra and panties. Although it is she that is about to meet her untimely demise, her hot body will have your rod scared stiff.