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Another (2014)

Brief Nudity

(0:17) Paulie Redding is sleeping on the bed in her red panties. We get an overhead shot of her.(0:19) Paulie Redding wakes up in bed in her red panties and goes walking to the dor giving us a nice shot of her behind in the underwear.(0:31) Lillian Pennypacker in bra, panties and a robe comes walking out of the bedroom.(0:56) WOMAN in stage in a mask. She is in her panties and garters and her breasts are exposed. We cut then to it being Paulie Redding on stage but we don't see below her face. (The woman on stage may actually be Sophia Jade.)(1:05) Paulie Redding and Maria Olsen begin kissing.(1:06) In a cave we see a naked Sophia Jade mainly in a shadow and at a distance. Can kinda make out her breasts but not her face. We get closer and still don't quite see her face. We do eventually get in closer to her and see her face and breasts as she has blood droplets around her body.


Paulie Rojas

Sexy - as JordynLesbian, underwear

Lillian Pennypacker

Sexy - as Kymunderwear

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