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Angels with Dirty Wings

Angels with Dirty Wings (2009)

Great Nudity!

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Angels with Dirty Wings (2009) is a German indie flick about a desperate woman named Lucy (Antje Monning) wants to join a cool motorcycle club in the European countryside. Deciding whether or not she can become a member is up to Gabriella (Marina Anna Eich) and Michaela (Mira Gittner), two self professed angels who spend all sorts of time talking about the meaning of life, culture, art, and all sorts of other stuff. But the main way they decide if she's worthy of becoming a member is to see how well she can please a dude's member. The main reason people first heard about the movie was that the actresses showed everything. And we mean anything. According to Monning, everything in the movie is real from the dongs and dildos to her massive orgasms. She even has real sex! At one point, Lucy is onstage, and gives a striptease. But her act involves a full on sex act! Once she's totally naked, she decides to pleasure herslef for all to see, and soon enough Miss Monning is moaning in erotic ecstasy. Unsatisfied with self love, a few scenes later and Lucy joins a prostitute for a threesome. On top of seeing everything Antje has to offer, we get to watch her stroking some dude's dong with her hand, give a sloppy beej, We see her bare bush and pussy lips several times as she lounges, bends over, and walks around in the nude. Her breasts and buns are angelic also! Maren Scholz does full-frontal nudity as well, though honestly she doesn't do it as well, as a stripper who twirls fully nude around a pole. If Heaven is full of Angels With Dirty Wings, we're heading straight to church!