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Absolutely Fabulous

Brief Nudity

Sin is in, sweetie.” With those words you could summarize Absolutely Fabulous without missing a beat. The UK TV show that took the olde isle by storm in the mid-90’s finally made it out to America with the passing of a new millenium. Why did it take so long? Not because it was an obscure show that nobody cared about but because it features people saying things that could destroy America’s youth. Things like ‘bollocks’ and ‘pass the Stoli.’ See, American’s aren’t allowed to have heroes that take drugs or have nameless sex or drink too much or treat their daughter’s badly (unless they’re animated), but in the UK, they’ve been into reality TV for years now and thus we have Ab Fab. The story of a ridiculously wealthy, ridiculously messed up, drug addicted PR consultant mother (Jennifer Saunders) and her best friend who puts her to shame in the chemical department (Joanne Lumley) was notoriously funny in its day, though nowadays it looks a bit dated. There’s enough humor still there to entertain most however, and no matter how many centuries she’s seen, Joanna Lumley is still a good looking old broad. Jane Horrocks and Kate Mulgrew are also in the cast on occasion, both having dropped the towel in previous projects, but don’t watch this show for the ‘talent’, watch it for the one joke in four that’s actually very funny.Edina: “Have you eaten anything, Patsy?” Patsy: “Not since 1963, no.”That’d be one of those funnies, right there.

Tilly Blackwood

Lady Candida

Katie Blake

Booberella Actor

Emma Bunton


Joanna Lumley

Patsy Stone

Kate Mulgrew

Druken Fashion Designer

Jennifer Saunders

Edina Monsoon

June Whitfield

Mrs. June / Mother' Monsoon

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