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A Blast (2014)

Brief Nudity

(0:01) Angeliki Papoulia in the beach in her bathing suit. Maria Filini is in a bikini top which we only see from behind.(0:05) Angeliki Papoulia strips to her bra after working out but we only see from behind. (0:10) Breasts on Angeliki Papoulia as her top is taken off during sex. We see panties too.(0:17) Breasts on Angeliki Papoulia on top of a guy in bed. Antoher shot will show her naked on top of him but we only see her rump.(0:23) Angeliki Papoulia intertwined with guy in bed again. Though now closer. Looks like she is wearing no pants.(0:30) Vassia Bakakou in her bra and panties in bed. She then takes off the bra giving us a slight glance at her breasts.(0:33) Angeliki Papoulia having sex with a guy. We see her left breast underneath him. Then her buns as we get a full on 69 situation. It is intercut with some actual porn images on a computer at the library. More sex continues in-between other moments between the two of them and we see both breasts.


Angeliki Papoulia

Nude - as MariaSexy, breasts, butt, underwear

Vassia Bakakou

Nude - as Katiabreasts, underwear

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