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11 Minutes (2015)

Brief Nudity

11 Minutes (2015) tells the story of a jealous husband who is losing control of his life and his sexy wife who is an actress getting herself into trouble. Their lives intertwine with a sleazy Hollywood director, a drug dealer, an ex-con who now works as a food vendor, a troubled young student with a secret, and so much more. This Polish film shows how modern city dwellers interact with one another on a daily basis. Anything can happen and your fate can change entirely in only 11 minutes.  Blond bombshell Elyzbieta Matynia shows off her smooth, sultry back when she is totally nude with her back to the camera. We get to see her round behind and the shape of her hourglass outline while she crouches down to the floor. There is a sneak at some side boob that is just tantalizing enough to leave us wanting so much more. We could use another 11 minutes of this babe!   

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Nude, butt 00:28:05 Elzbieta Matynia does some drugs in the buff with her man, showing her butt and a hint of sideboob! (39 secs)


Elzbieta Matynia

Nude - as Courier's Loverbutt

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