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Woman at War

Woman at War (2018)

Brief Nudity

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Woman at War (2018) is a delightful and poignant Icelandic film starring Halldóra Geirharðsdóttiras an environmental activist wreaking havoc on big government. Her life and mission are about to change when an adoption service finds a little girl for her adoption. Now she has to choose whether or not to be a mother and how that will change her activist work. Since she's adopted, Halldóra's body definitely doesn't have to change when she changes clothes next to another almost-nude woman in a locker room. This woman at war is one sexy soldier! The story of this flick is of a fifty-year-old woman who lives a quiet routine with a double life as a passionate environmental activist. She's known to others as the secretive "Woman in the Mountain" and this mountain lady gets into a one-woman war with the local aluminum industry. Her actions evolve from pretty vandalism to straight-up sabotage and eventually succeeds in stopping negotiations between the government and the corporation building the aluminum smelter. Before her last act of sabotage, she gets a notification in the mail saying that her adoption application has been accepted and a girl in Ukraine is ready to be picked up. Halla's lifelong dream is to become a mother, but before she can commit, she decides to finish her plot to become a savior of the Highlands. Her final attack delivers a crippling blow to the aluminum industry, but viewers will be crippled with lust just watching this hottie strut around onscreen. You'll be at war with your pants trying to get them off!