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Wolf (2013)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


Wolf (2013) is a crime thriller from the Netherlands, and should not be confused with the Jack Nicholson thriller of the same name from twenty years earlier! This one follows a very talented MMA fighter who discovers that the fighting world is run by a seamy underbelly. It isn't long before the crime world and the fighting world meld, and he begins to lose sight of the difference between the two, plunging headlong into a dangerous world from which there may be no return! Shot in stark black & white, the film has a very artsy look, particularly in the two nude scenes featuring the sensationally stacked beauty Bo Maerten! Bo bares her bountiful bosoms while getting it on with the title character, and though we only get a few glimpses at those heaving hooters in all their glory, they're enough to unleash the beast within our pants!