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Winona (2020)

Great Nudity!

Top Scene


The Greek dramedy Winona (2020) about four best friends gathering together on a remote beach for one last day together before an unnamed event coming at the end of the day that will lead the women to potentially say goodbye to one another forever! Eiko (Daphne Patakia from Benedetta), Meryl (Sofia Kokkali), Giulietta (Anthi Efstratiadou), and Jennifer Jason (Iro Bezou) attempt to make the best of a bad situation and pretend, just for one last day, that destiny isn't waiting for them!

While Iro Bezou and Anthi Efstratiadou both show off their banging bikini bods, neither of them get nude. Thankfully the always game Daphne Patakia has several nude scenes, including a bottomless scene, and Sofia Kokkali also bares her breasts while swimming!