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Wet Woman in the Wind

Wet Woman in the Wind (2016)

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The Japanese pink film Wet Woman in the Wind (2016) is one hot and horny movie! A hugely successful playwright named Kosuke (Tasuku Nagaoka) is living in Tokyo, where his success and fame mean he can't go anywhere without women throwing themselves at him. Who knew playwrights got so much play? Deciding he needs a break from city life, he goes off to the country for peace and quiet. Those dreams get dashed when he meets a super horny young lady named Shiori (Yuki Mamiya), who drags him kicking and screaming into a world of nonstop sex. Seriously, this sex freak won't take no for an answer, so much so that she takes to having sex outside his house to make sure he can't avoid getting horny. When Kosuke's crew of actors show up looking to get him back in town to work on another play, things get even more complicated. One of Kosuke's pieces of nookie is Hitomi Nakatani, whose tiny titties we watch bounce as she takes it from behind in the front seat of a car. Michiko Suzuki shows her magnificent rack while riding Kosuke like a damn Suzuki on the dunes of the beach. But the whole movie is about Shiori, who'll surely give you a massive boner. At one point, we see Kosuke tear off her shirt which shows off her big balloon boobs. He squeezes them, sucks on her nipples, and bangs her every which way. She even hangs onto rafters to bang him and cuts a tarp so that she can feel the fresh air on her boobs as she rides him (he's under the tarp). She'll strip for him by the dock, let him eat her out in bed, and a ton of other sexual scenarios only a ridiculously randy woman could come up with. Lucky him, though he just wants a break from all this boning! Poor Kosuke just can't seem to find the dry spell he's looking for in Wet Woman in the Wind!