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We Are the Night

We Are the Night (2010)

No Nudity

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Do you love vampire lesbians? If your answer is “who doesn’t?”, you’ll want to sink your teeth into the German import We Are the Night (2010). While most spooky stories about Sapphic suckers of blood are sexploitation flicks with little thought behind them, this one's a sort of love letter to the genre, and to German cinema in general. See, in this dark thriller we meet three lesbian vamps who all represent an era in time. Louise (Nina Hoss) represents the 1700's, Charlotte (Jennifer Ulrich) is an actress from the 1920's, and the rave loving Nora (Anna Fischer) still acts like she's stuck in the 1990's. Together, they are a trio of lady vamps who live in a world where all the male vampires in the world have died off. From their decadent digs in a Berlin nightclub, this terrifying, titillating trio prowls the nightlife in search of blood. Vampire leader Louise sees something special in a clubgoer named Lena (Karoline Herfurth), and invites her up into the VIP (that’s Vampire Initiation Place) room for a blood cocktail. But Lena's ties to the human world, including her very close connection to a human detective named Tom (Max Riemelt) may prove too much trouble for even these immortal temptresses to take care of. A European vampire movie about same sex loving vampires might seem surefire when it comes to skin, but this one breaks the mold in a bad way. Star Karoline Herfurth flashes her drawers jumping from a ferry, and dons a sexy bra and panty set for her transformation. Later, Nina Hoss turns up the heat when she makes out with Karoline before tasting her sweet, sweet blood. Later, Karoline and her immortal galpals, including Jennifer Ulrich and Anna Fischer, will get your blood pumping when they lounge poolside in teeny bikinis, but We Are the Night ultimately puts a stake through Mr. Skin’s nude hopes. We are disappointed.