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Wayne's World

Wayne's World (1992)

No Nudity

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This early 90s comedy classic, based on the famous SNL skit between Mike Myers and Dana Carvey, is the story of 2 guys from Aurora, Illinois who host their own cable access show. When its popularity among the youth reaches the interest of a larger network station, Wayne and Garth struggle to maintain the same spirit they had for their show against corporate interest. Soon enough, the battle moves deeper into Wayne’s personal life as the man who’s in charge of revamping the show is also after Wayne’s girlfriend, played by Tia Carrere. How does the story resolve? Well, there’s alternate endings galore.

Tia, who plays the hot femme rocker, Cassandra, is constantly shown wearing tight dresses and bathing suits when on stage and in dream and nightmare sequences. She shows a lot of cleavage, but unfortunately, never any full out nudity. Nonetheless, the heavy snake on her shoulders in the video shoot isn’t the only heavy snake around when watching her.