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Vice Academy 2

Vice Academy 2 (1990)

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Vice Academy 2 (1999) is number two, so it tries harder. There will be a dirty half-dozen sequels riffing on the original, which is like cloning an idiot. You get progressively more and more stupid. While that’s an obvious detriment in, say, human beings, it’s an asset in silly comedies like this. It helps that it stars Linnae Quigley and Ginger Lynn Allen as rookie cops on the Los Angeles vice squad. This movie has it all: a woman named Spanish Fly, a strip joint called the Vicerama Club and a robot police officer called Bimbo Cop. But that rust bucket has nothing on Linnae and Ginger, who also have nothing on. Toni Alessandrini plays a stripper for some added T&A.