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Val (2021)

No Nudity

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Not to be confused with the Val Kilmer documentary of the same name from the same year, Val (2021) is about the titular high priced escort, played by Misha Reeves, whose sexy appearance and bewitching feminine wiles hide a secret. Career criminal Fin (Zachary Mooren) is on the run after murdering his sleazy underworld boss and accidentally shooting a cop in the process. Looking for a place to hide, he breaks into the home of Val, who just so happens to be waiting on her next client to arrive. When he explains his situation, Val tells him that she can take care of everything and make his problems disappear. It isn't long before Fin discovers that Val is actually a demon living on earth in disguised human form and that in exchange for her help, he is about to be drafted into service as one of her undying minions who do her bidding. What's more, her ruse about waiting on her next client when he arrived wasn't a ruse at all. She was, in fact, waiting for Fin to arrive the entire time, meaning that he is up against something more sinister than he ever could have imagined. While we would love to tell you that there's a ton of nudity in this movie, it would similarly be a deception on our part. Ravishing redhead Misha Reeves does spend almost the entirety of the film's running time in various skimpy and revealing outfits, showing off lots of cleavage and making any time spent in her company time well spent. It's just a real shame that she didn't make a Val-iant effort to go nude!