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V.I.P. (1998-2002)

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V.I.P. premiered in 1998 with the premier T&A of miss Pamela Anderson leading the way, with the show running in sinfully sexy syndication until 2002. Billed as a sort of cross between Baywatch and Charlie's Angels, this one stars Pam as Vallery Irons, a hottie who accompanies a macho man celebrity to a film premiere, saves his life while there, and lets him save face by claiming she's actually an ultrabadass bodyguard instead of arm candy. Even though she's got a great body, she's far from a bodyguard, but the opportunity to work for a real bodyguard company when they come calling to use her name for clout. Thus, she becomes the head of VIP: Vallery Irons Protection. Our gal Val is teamed with the former spy who'll catch your eye, Tasha (Molly Culver), the explosives expert with absolute bombs, Nikki (Natalie Raitano), and Pam's busty best buddy Maxine (Angele Brooks), to save all sorts of people from those who want to do them harm. A mix of action and camp packed with voluptuous vamps, in every episode Val tends to save the day despite being completely void of useful skills. But while she sucks as a bodyguard, she's incredibly skilled at getting one part of our body hard! While we love that Pam showed her humor, we're a bit bummed this one wasn't on a channel where she could show her hooters. There's tons of bikini and bra stuff from Pam, as well as from Molly Culver and Natalie Raitano, all of which we see seductively swimming and lounging by the pool in the opening credits. But it's not just the main cast. A young Eva Mendes shows up as a showgirl in a thong, Pamela Paulshock will electrify your cock lounging poolside in her blue bikini before sitting up and bouncing those bigums with every word. Tammy Tavares' tatas look great in a red bikini despite being nowhere near water. Add to that some upskirt from Melinda Songer and you'll understand why catching the new episode of V.I.P. was very important to people in the 90's! 


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