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Two (2021)

Great Nudity!


There is always a lingering horror idea of waking up confused, groggy, and in an bathtub full of ice with incisions on your back missing your kidneys!  Human Centipede (2009) took our minds to the pitch black next level with a mad scientist sewing three people together, via ass to mouth, who wake up to their new horror. In Two aka Dos (2021), we are dropping into a similar notion when Sara (Marina Gatell) and David (Pablo Derqui) both wake up with little memory of the night before, oh, and their abdomens are glued together with an industrial strength super adhesive, keeping them from ripping themselves apart!  Yikes and a whole lot of "no thank you" from this Spanish horror thriller that makes your flesh tingle just from thinking about sensitive areas being glued together!  As the sticky strangers struggle to remember how they got into the room they woke up in, they both begin to become increasingly suspicious of the other as they try to figure out not only how to separate their bellies, but also who would do this to them and why!  It's enough to make you want to buy extra strength glue dissolving solvents and keep them within arms reach, especially when the naked pair try prying themselves apart.  Lucky for us as the audience though, the mere setup of this film requires star, smoke show Marina Gatell, to be naked throughout the entire flick and she shows off all three B's in true grand fashion, despite the dark nature of the nudity at times!