It seems that this week, DVD releases didn't want to go up against all the bare mams and clams of the mighty Piranha 3D. It may be a light week for home vid, but you'll still be clicking your remote for all the gorgeous babes new and new'd!

The Back-Up Plan

Jennifer Aniston's turkey-baster comedy, The Switch, is presently bombing at the box office. Maybe because audiences have already seen a similar premise in The Back-Up Plan (2010). We see a hint of underboob from lusty Latina star Jennifer Lopez here, but to really enjoy Jenny from the Block at her best, peep her pair in Money Train (1995). They're priceless!

The Sex Spirit

It's a spirit! And it loves sex! In the rare softcore classic The Sex Spirit (2009), a lusty ghost takes over the guests of a bed and breakfast. The always eye-opening Beverly Lynne of Bikini Chain Gang and Vinyl Dolls bares all as the sinful, skinful star enjoys getting possessed in more ways than one!

The Long Good Friday

In The Long Good Friday (1980), the awesome Bob Hoskins is a British gangster dodging bombs left and right as a rival prepares to take over his turf. Because Hoskins isn't exactly eye candy, the mysterious Pauline Melville shows up and bares boobs in one skincendiary scene. Friday won't be the only thing long and good.

Lost: The Complete Collection

Losties unite for Lost: The Complete Collection, one giant Blu-Ray release of every single season and every single episode on DVD. Prime time equals no nudity, but the beachy babes castaway their clothes and run around in barely-there undies and bikinis. For more of a Dharma Skinitiative, check out Elizabeth Mitchell (aka Juliet) as Angelina Jolie's lesbian lover in Gia, and massive-mammed Sonya Walger (aka Penny) unleashing her big bombers in Tell Me You Love Me. Others? No, udders!