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The Thirst

The Thirst (2006)

Great Nudity!

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Matt Keeslar and Clare Kramer are a pair of recovering goofball addicts in love in The Thirst (2006), a vampire flick with a drug-world twist. When Matt learns that fairest Clare is dying of cancer, she sneaks off and offs herself in strippery despair. Poor Matt mourns his mounds-baring mistress, as would anyone who was missing such a fabulous catch, but then, just as he's getting his life back together, he spots Clare in a bar. It seems that Clare has entered the unseemly world of the undead; she's now a neck-nibbling sucker of suckers, serving under the rule of charismatic blood junkie Jeremy Sisto. Matt wants in on the fun, and so he joins up with Jeremy's goo-mad crew, "The Family." But the toothsome twosome of Clare and Matt soon realize that they've become addicts once more, and so they try to kick the hemoglobular habit while also plotting to put a stake through the heart of their fangy new family.