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The Stoned Age

The Stoned Age (1994)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


The tagline for the seventies set stoner flick, The Stoned Age (1994), was a guarantee that it was "better than Dazed and Confused (1993)." It's not, but it just might have some better nudity! It's the 1970's, and our metal loving buddies Joe Connolly (Michal Kopelow) and Michael Hubbs (Bradford Tatum) are doing what they do every weekend: getting drunk, looking for marijuana hookups, fighting with each other, and cruising the strip looking for women. A local ruffian has just gotten out of jail, and our duo hear he's throwing a wild welcome home party. Thinking it's a great opportunity to meet chicks with los standards, the two go out in search of the fresh out fiesta. Along the way, they discover the sardonic China Kantner and the gorgeous Renee Allman. It’s a long night of lovemaking and meaningful stoned conversation, spiced up with alien encounters, angry mobs and ’70s TV icon David Groh as a wrathful father. But looking for easy sex by spending time around an ex-con is a high risk move, so our pair of potheads are going to need to be quite careful. China’s totally adorable as a bittersweet dreamgirl, but it’s left to the beautiful blonde Renee to doff her clothes and drag this movie into The Skin Age. Miss Allman had all men drooling when she takes her bikini top off, goes for a slow ride on top of Hubbs, and even just while showing rack and rump as she sleeps naked. That'll give you a serious stoner boner! A peek at a sex freak from a bygone era, The Stoned Age has aged quite well!