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The Pleasure Drivers

The Pleasure Drivers (2005)

No Nudity

Top Scene


Party of Five's Lacey Chabert gets racy as sex-hound prostie Faruza (aiieeeoooga!) in The Pleasure Drivers (2005), a thugs-and-sellers tale of edge-dwellers scumming it up in the doldrummy slums of the soul. She's boffing a prof (Angus MacFadyen) in just one of the three interwoven stories--but any excuse for Lacey to traffic in sin is a win-win-win for Mr. Skin, plot be thick or plot be thin. The thickest plot in all this folly is a lolly, because by golly, it's Lauren Holly! She's a deranged sort of dame who takes care of Tom (Angelo Spizzirri), another insaner with a dad who runs a whackadoodle-doodly church. Tom's dad has been keeping the Tom-tending scratch he gets from above, which makes Lauren batty--so she does what any insane person would do and kidnaps the also-cookoo Casey (Steffany Huckaby), Tom's sis, demanding a handsome ransom. This dizzy tale of Los Angelizzy wouldn't be complete without a bad-ass lezzie named Marcy (Jill Bennett), a hired ass-assin hot to put a stop to Lauren's plot. Why a movie about downtrodden L.A. doesn't show any full-on T&A is a mystery, but no matter: there's plenty of sexy to stir your batter.