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The Naked Director

The Naked Director (2019-2021)

Great Nudity!


The Naked Director (2019) is a TV series that follows the story of porn director Toru Muranishi who directed softcore Japanese film for decades. While he's behind-the-camera, the babes in front of it are absolutely skintastic. We love watching Misato Morita in her multiple porn shoots. This babe takes a rest between sex scenes but quickly gets up to be ready for more. She touches her bush and writhes in the bed to get her co-star ready to bang her again. They also have really hot standing sex as he carries her down a flight of stairs while still inside her. Misato is a dream girl! Jade Albany Pietrantonio meanwhile is a blonde babe who has an airplane sex scene where she is on top and topless. Her bouncing breasts can bring us straight to the Mile High Club! The director is naked and so are his actresses. The premise of this series is enough to get any flesh fiend good and hard. Come for the masturbation fuel and stay for the story of Toru Muranishi's dramatic life filled with ambition and setbacks as he attempts to re-invent the Japanese porn industry. This series is adapted from a novel about the man himself, and depicts his character, art, and vision with relative ease. Viewers who are simply tuning in for something to wank over can find plenty of episodes worth watching. It's just a slight shame that the hardcore porn shoots weren't displayed in their original skin-ful form. The Naked Director lives up to its title!