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The Little Drummer Girl

The Little Drummer Girl (2018)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


In 2018 BBC One and AMC teamed up for the absurdly star studded John le Carre adaptation The Little Drummer Girl.The spy thriller miniseries centers arounda team of Israeli investigators who want to stop bombings happening in West Germany. They uncover that all the bombings are being planned by a Palestinian, but realize neither the Israeli spymaster Martin Kurtz (Michael Shannon) nor the suave and sexy Israeli intelligence officer Gadi Becker (Alexander Skarsgard) are going to be able to infiltrate the Palestinian terror cell. Without a better option, they train and convert a British actress Charlie Ross (Florence Pugh) to work her way into the inner workings of the bombing operation. Cue the double crossing, twists and turns, but speaking of bombs, did we mention Florence Pugh was in this one? Yes, the blonde bombshell does a lot of great work in her bikini tops and slinky shirts that show off her pokies. She also gets undressed for a delicious sex scene that features slow, sensual close-ups of her face and boobs. That spy is a cutie pie! If she's the little drummer girl, Mr. Skin has to say she's been gifted with an incredible bum bum bum, bummmm. Iben Akerlie also wears a pokie-heavy top that accentuates her top half. Must've been the look back in those days. As fans of barely covered rack, we sure wish it would come back! Then, the beautiful Bethany Muir does the same when she's in her red bikini by the beach. Another swimsuit sexpot is Kate Sumpter who shows off her figure in a one-piece, while Katharina Schuttler prefers to wear a bikini. We're banging the drums for these The Little Drummer Girl dames!