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The Last Days on Mars (2013)

No Nudity

The search for life is about to end in the sci-fi thriller The Last Days on Mars (2013). On the final day of the first manned mission to Mars, Marco Petrovic (Goran Kostic), a crew member of Tantalus Base, stumbles upon fossilized evidence of bacterial life. To keep the glory of the discovery to himself, he devises a plan for one last unauthorized sojourn on the surface, leading to the tragic disappearance of fellow crewmate (Tom Cullen) down a deep crevice. Without skipping a beat, fellow scientists Captain Charles Brunel (Elias Koteas), Lauren Dalby (Yusra Warsama) and Vincent Campbell (Liev Schrieber) head to the pit to search for their lost buddy. But when another member disappears the frantic search group begins to think there’s something evil on the planet. The astronauts must fight for their lives until a relief ship can reach the distressed crew members. Romola Garai heats up the flick with a shot of her in some sexy black panties and tight top. Sexy! Don’t worry, no one can hear you cream in space!


Romola Garai

Sexy - as Rebecca Laneunderwear

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