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The Confessions (2016)

Brief Nudity

(0:14) Connie Nielsen is swimming in the pool in a bathing suit. Then we see Marie-Josee Croze in a leggy nightgown in her hotel room.(0:16) Connie Nielsen drops her towel and when we come backup we see her in a clingy nightgown.(0:42) A group of naked protestors scroll across a yard. TWO WOMEN show breasts, bush and buns.(0:52) FEMALE lying on the bed showing breasts. He rbush may be too shadowed to see. (She does not appear to be one of the women credited.)(0:53) Marie-Josee Croze in the tub and we see her rightbreast.(0:57) Marie-Josee Croze has her dress unzipped and stands in her bra and panties.(1:03) Connie Nielsen in the pool in her bathing suit. Only see the top half though.(1:23) Peekdown cleavage on Connie Nielsen as she rolls over on her side on the bed.


Marie-Josée Croze

Nude - as Ministro canadeseright breast, underwear

Connie Nielsen

Sexy - as Claire SethSexy

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