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The Coed and the Zombie Stoner

The Coed and the Zombie Stoner (2014)

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Going where other zombie-themed features are too afraid to go, the comedy The Coed and the Zombie Stoner (2014) treads new and exciting ground in the overdone genre by combining the living dead with naked, pot-smoking coeds trying to survive the apocalypse. When super-chatty science nerd Chrissy (Catherine Annette) is faced with impending eviction from her beloved sorority if she doesn’t secure a frat boyfriend, she gets desperate and hooks up with Rigo (Grant O’Connell). But, it ends up Rigo's short for rigor mortis. See, Rigo's a hunky dude that turned himself into a zombie twenty years ago when his extended life experiment went horribly wrong. We'll become the walking dead if it means walking straight into Miss Annette's bed! Lab professor Dr. Avon (Louis J. Dezsoran) has been hiding Rigo away, keeping him from feeding on people by giving him a steady supply of weed. Makes sense. Now that Chrissy has fallen for him, she unexpectedly unleashes a zombie apocalypse on campus, putting everyone in danger. But while most zombie movies are obsessed with head shots and fleeing from the mass of slow moving monsters, Chrissy knows she needs to find as much marijuana as she can to pacify the pot loving zombies. Start with the jazz majors, maybe? As the student body slowly turns into a zombified mass of moaning flesh eaters, your eyes will be treated to a whole lotta fine flesh, specifically breasts, butt, and bush from Dora Pereli and Lena Young in multiple scenes, including one where they lead an undie run, but they're both naked, then another when they have to flee from the zombies in their birthday suits. Add to that boob-flaunting appearances from Diane Chambers as a horny, hooters out college professor, Rachel Ann Mullins as a woman who tries to hit a zombie with her tit, Catherine Annette as a nerdy but super busty babe who flashes a dweeb, and Mindy Robinson as a disappointingly clothed naughty school nurse, and there's no shortage of entertainment for your below the belt brain. But the best T&A came from Jamie Noel who takes it from behind in the kitchen wearing only an apron that doesn't cover up much. Board up the house and bone that housewife! In The Coed and the Zombie Stoner, these naked coeds will give you a throbbin’ boner!