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The Bridge

The Bridge (2013-2014)

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Based on the Danish series of the same name, but with the action moved to the Mexico-US border, FX's The Bridge follows two detectives desperately trying to track down a serial killer. slaughtering people in both nations. Debuting in 2013 and lasting two seasons, blonde babe Diane Kruger stars as Det. Sonya Cross, a member of the El Paso Police Department who became obsessed with serial killers after her teen sister was murdered by one. Meanwhile, Demián Bichir checks in as Det. Marco Ruiz, her much slicker, swarthier counterpart cop from across the Mexican border. The maniac has been menacing both sides of the Bridge of the Americas, including leaving one dead body lying perfectly between the two countries, and now the two neighboring nations must work together to bring him to justice. But due to her Asperger's, Detective Cross is obsessively by the book, which doesn't work so well in Mexico, where corruption and cartels rule the day. Will their differences doom the investigation or can these two polar opposites bridge those divides and come together to figure out what the surveillance camera dodging killer is really trying to do? Annabeth Gish also stars on the show as Charlotte, a wealthy widow whose husband’s death has been quite a boon for her in the bedroom department. As she seduces her latest conquest in episode six, we get a good view of her south of the border backside. Forget Mexico, let’s talk about this Ass-tech Empire! Since FX doesn't let us see any real naked sex, we had to settle for underwear stuff from Jenny Pellicer and Franka Potente, but we got plenty of looks at Diane Kruger's ass. We're seeking ass-ylum between those cheeks! Whether while letting a dude undress her, taking a bath, or getting stripped down and searched, thanks to her work in The Bridge, that detective had us erective!