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The Bill

The Bill (1984-2010)

No Nudity


“‘Allo allo! What’s this ‘ere then?” Such is the dialogue on the UK’s long-running ‘bobby’ drama, The Bill. Dealing with the goings on at a London police station, this well written, impeccably performed cop soap mixes action with laughs and changes focus each week on a different person in the station, keeping things fresh and never letting one personality dominate. So how good is it? Well, it’s been going since 1983 and is even eagerly anticipated in other countries such as Australia, where it’s been playing for years. 


Amanda Abbington

Rachel Inns

Lysette Anthony

Rachel Heath

Annabelle Apsion

Margaret Barnes

Ali Bastian

PC Sally Armstrong

Florence Bellamy

Holly Perkins

Lynda Bellingham

Irene Radford

Heather Bleasdale

Barbara Hurst

Kate Byers

Alsion Munro

Caroline Catz

D.S. Rosie Fox

Lucy Cohu

Philippa Manson

Beth Cordingly

PC Kerry Young

Holly Davidson

P.C. Roz Clarke

Amita Dhiri

DC Grace Dasari

Janet Dibley

Helen Burrows

Tania Emery

DC Kate Spears

Serena Gordon

Supt Amanda Prosser

Julie Graham

Linda Kendrick

Jaye Griffiths

DI Sally Johnson

Melanie Gutteridge

PC Emma Keane

Stacy Hart


Pippa Haywood

Celia Barrett

Melanie Hill

Marie Graham

Emily Hillier

Ella White

Jo-Anne Knowles

Mia Perry

Helen Latham

Christine Weaver

Andrea Lowe

Leigh Bevan

Sarah Manners

PC Kirsty Knigh

Lizzy McInnerny

Hannah Cavendish / Rebecca Jordan

Amanda Mealing

Carmel Kendrick

Jaime Murray


Natalie J. Robb

PC Andrea Dunbar

Samantha Robson

P.C. Vicky Hagen

Natalie Roles

Det. D. McAllister

Ania Sowinski

Nadine Flynn

Myfanwy Waring

PC Amber Johannsen

Sheila Whitfield

Dora Young

Jade Williams

Vicki Casson

Jane Wood

Ivy Cook

Kaye Wragg

PC Diane Noble

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