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The Attic

The Attic (2008)

No Nudity


Attics are spooky-- any kid can tell you that. Most of us grow up and get over this particular hangup, however, a sign of maturity that ultimately proves fatal for the heroine of The Attic (2007). Mad Men's Elisabeth Moss stars as Emma, a young woman who has a bad feeling about her family's new home-- particularly the attic. But she swallows her fears and goes up to the top floor of the house, only to be attacked by what appears to be her identical twin. And speaking of twins, we almost get a good look at Elisabeth's terrific twosome in a bra, just as we nearly get to see Alexandria Daddario's dairies as she gets out of the bath. But when it comes to actual nudity, The Attic is a few bats short of a belfry.