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Top Ten Nude Scenes from Famously Banned Films Screen shot 2017 08 22 at 9 42 32 am d30c3140 featured

On this day in 1989, Pete Rose was famously banned from baseball in one of the most notorious scandals in all of professional sports. This got us thinking about all of the films that have been banned over the years, whether here in the United States or elsewhere. While many of these have since been allowed to be shown and exhibited, all of them were banned at one time or another. Here are our Top Ten Nude Scenes from Famously Banned Films.... read more

Cinefamily Gets Nasty with a 30-Day Celebration of "Video Nasties" [PICS] 12148 web

Not familiar with Video Nasties, eh? Well, gather round, kids, and let ol' Uncle Skin tell you a story: A long, long time ago, back in the VHS era, somehow the British government became convinced that horror movies were single-handedly sending the morals of English youth straight down the toilet.
So they assembled a list of 72 titles, each featuring content-- nudity, gore, graphic torture, David Hess--that was deemed inappropriate and thus banned or censored in the UK. Of course, once this list was leaked to the media, each of those 72 movies became instant must-sees for horror fans, and the resulting notoriety has buoyed their popularity to this very day.

To celebrate the twisted legacy of the Video Nasties, Los Angeles' Cinefamily is holding a month-long series of 30 midnight movies, each hand-picked from that scandalous 72. We've already missed Night Warning (1981), Hell of the Living Dead (1980), and The Witch Who Came from the Sea (1976), but never fear- the lineup only gets more nasty as the month goes on, culminating with a 35mm screening of the infamous Cannibal Holocaust (1980) on Halloween night.
And as a test for the most hardcore of horror hounds, Cinefamily is also holding a contest: each movie-goer who attends a midnight screening will be issued a scorecard, and the lucky guy (or gal) whose stomach of steel endures the most Nasties gets to guest program a Cinefamily screening of their choice!

See the full schedule for Cinefamily's Nightmare City: A Video Nasties Celebration series after the jump!... read more

Banned Shame Poster Brings the Icky with the Sticky [PIC] 10632 web

We can't imagine why this Hungarian poster for Anatomy Awards nominee Shame (2011) was banned...oh no, wait, we totally can.

But we do extend a one-armed salute to the filthy-minded graphic designer who had the cojones to actually make it. Anybody got a towel?

Check out all the stickiest moments from Breast Picture nominee Shame, including the full-frontal debut of Carey Mulligan, right here at MrSkin.com!... read more

Pam Anderson Too Sexy for the Friendly Skies 6398 web

Frequent Fliers Not Allowed to Lift off to Sight of Sexy Pam Anderson

Back in 2005, the Chinese government banned this ad of naked Pam Anderson (left) shunning fur (and all other clothing for that matter) for her friends at PETA. Now Pam and PETA are getting the shaft again, with new racy ads being banned from all three of New York City's airports. Reports Page Six:

THE propensity for nudity by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has backfired this time. A new anti-fur, anti-leather commercial starring Pamela Anderson as a scantily clad airport security guard who strips passengers of animal products is too racy for CNN Airport Network. PETA planned to debut the spot tomorrow at all three Gotham-area airports, and later this fall in the other 45 major airports serviced by CNN. But the network wrote to PETA saying it's "particularly sensitive because children make up part of the demographic in airports." PETA is now looking to run the ad -- which also features Steve-O, Andy Dick, comic Carol Leifer and punk icon Nina Hagen -- on in-flight entertainment.

We suspected as much when Hooters Air closed up shop, but now we're certain: Airports just aren't socially advanced enough to accept hot blondes with fake boobs in teeny little shorts.
... read more

Mr Skin's Celebrity Headline Nudes -- November 7, 2008 3560 web

Naturally super-busty Brit Sammy Jaddy bares monster melons in Front magazine. (Boobie Blog)

Tila Tequila makes out in public with her new girlfriend. (Rich and Brainless)

Anne Hathaway gets fan letters from foot fetishists. (I’m Not Obsessed)

Kendra Wilkinson confirms her non-Hef engagement. (Anything Hollywood)

Lisa Rinna agrees with you about her facial shenanigans. (Celeb News Wire)

Britney Spears and Madonna, together again. (Faded Youth)

Lucy Lawless wants to play Xena again. We want her to do it, too … naked. (IMDB)

Hilary Duff video gets banned. (SF Gate)

Lindsay Lohan is your cleavage specialist. (Hollywood Tuna)

Ricki Lake to host Women Come First. (AVN)

Guess the celebrity butt (in jeans). (CityRag)
... read more

Sweet Movie Ignites Arthouse Outrage -- October 9, 1974 2635 featured

Yugoslavian filmmaker Dusan Makavejev achieved critical acclaim with his first few complex, artful films in the 1960s, and then found his work banned in his homeland upon making the explicit international hit WR: Mysteries of the Organism.

Fleeing his Communist-controlled county, Makavejev followed up WR with his pivotal skinematic triumph -- the literally heady psychedelic sex-and-mess-fest Sweet Movie, which sugar-shocked theaters for the first time on this date in 1974.

Click the chocolatey pic to learn more, and to get a look at a heap of naked Sweet stuff.
... read more

Eva Mendes Not Ashamed of Nude Perfume Commercial 1519 web

Mendes Undaunted by Naked Commercial Being Banned

Although Eva Mendes's recent commerical for Calvin Klein's Secret Obsession fragrance proved to be too hot for TV and YouTube, millions of viewers flocked to their computers to download the sweet-smelling clip of Eva rolling around in the buff.

And we weren't the only ones pleased by the sight. Mendes herself claims that she's proud of the sexy spot.

After the cut, catch what naughty perv-fume peddler Eva has to say for herself!... read more

268 Years of Sodom: The S&M Skinema of the Marquis de Sade 979 featured

The Wicked Imagination of History's Most Notorious Writer Has Made for Some of Skinema's Most Indelible Excursions Into Extreme Sex

Truth titillates the imagination far less than fiction.
—D.A.F. Sade

This year marks the 268th birthday of one of history's most notorious figures, the Divine Marquis, Donatien Alphonse Francois de Sade.
The Marquis de Sade's name is synonymous with perversion and sexual abandon, although Sade's writings more than his life reflect an obsession with debauchery, excess, and violently erotic transgression.
Since not everyone is likely to find time to read his many novels, plays, and essays, Mr. Skin has compiled a list of essential viewing for the Sadean skinephile.
... read more

Eva Mendes Nude Ad Banned From You Tube! See it HERE! 931 web

The New Calvin Klein Secret Obsession Commercial Starring Eva Mendes Nude Has Now Been Dropped by YouTube! Mr. Skin Takes You to See It!

After being considered too hot for TV, online video hub YouTube has also dropped the Eva Mendes nude commercial for the new Calvin Klein fragrance, Secret Obsession.

If you're obsessed with seeing the commercial, its new location will no longer be secret after the jump.
... read more

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