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Appearing in one of the most notorious films of all time is enough to scare anyone away from acting, so it's hard to blame Marina Savic for turning to more behind the scenes work, after appearing in the infamous torture porn film A Serbian Film (2009). Though she has acted since then, this Serbian born actress has also done work in art direction, makeup, production design and set decoration. Yes, the highly controversial film that was banned in places like Spain, Australia, New Zealand and Norway is about an old porn star who gets recruited to star in what ends up being a snuff film, features all sorts of disturbing content. Luckily for fans of Marina, her scene isn't very disturbing at all. In a candlelit room, Marina blows a dude while fully nude, showing off her derriere and dingers in the process. Then we get an even better look at her lobbers when she stops sucking and joins the guy on a couch to watch a video of a 70's porn star (yes, he has the stache) doing three women, all while she rubs her nipples! While her boyfriend questions how the man's able to last so long and stay so hard, she throws some post beej shade at him, noting "if you don't know, I can't help you." Marina Savic, you savage! Shots fired after he fired his shot! Before her work in the controversial film, she had only appeared in I Have Something Important to Tell You (2005) and has only appeared in a few short films, after. We sure hope she gets back in front of the camera soon and shows off her sensational body again, but in the meantime, you can always pound your peen-a to Marina!