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Stars With Inverted Nipples

Boob knobs, nips, tips or teats, whatever you want to call them, nipples are the best! We love them in any size, shape, texture, or direction they face and this list of lovelies just so happen to have their pacifiers pointing towards them as if to say, "Who's the hottest babe with inverted nipples??? This gal!" Zahia Dehar shows off her d-cups in An Easy Girl (2019), while Elliot Page shows theirs while having Kate Mara ride them in My Days of Mercy (2017), and Kendra Wilkinson was no stranger to sharing glimpses of her sugarloafs in The Girls Next Door (2005-2009)! Neve Campbell went publicly naughty with her reverse raisins in I Really Hate My Job (2007), there was nothing hideous about the famous Kate Winslet wobblers in Hideous Kinky (2008), and Ming-Na Wen's soothers stood erect in One Night Stand (1997). The mononymous Serena and her mams went ritualistically nude in Fantasm (1976), Clara Gallo's hairy pits and inverted nips stole the show after a shower on the HBO series Todxs Nós in 2020, and Federica Pirone's flip-side paps poked out quite nicely on Generation 56K (2021-)! Mikio Ohno makes us say "Oh Yes!" when getting an oily front massage in Zero Woman: The Hunted (1997), Céline Bernier bares her boobies in The Apprentice (1971), and Isabelle Stephen's inverted nips get bound and gagged in horror flick Kill the Scream Queen (2004). The always igniting Ana de la Reguera's jugs jiggle about in Paraiso Travel (2008) during a sex scene and redhead Veronica Sinclair rides her man's face in Formation très spéciale (2005). All these hotties have the best backwards binkies we've ever seen and now you might officially have a new fetish after running through this playlist!

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