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Spides (2020)

No Nudity

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Spides (2020) is a science fiction TV series that follows a series of incidences that all center around a brand new club drug that has emerged on the scene called Blis. By incidences, we mean really strange and dangerous things like aliens, corruption, murder, disappearances, and all kinds of odd things that do not seem ok or normal at all. Here's a fun fact: this series was originally written in German, but everybody in German TV stations rejected the initial pitch. The scripts were then translated and rewritten in English and re-pitched to English-speaking networks and production companies. That's when NBC decided to produce the show. That is definitely a level-up from where the show began. We're glad this show finally got made, regardless of what country or language it is produced in because we got introduce to one sexy starlet who will tickle your Spide-y senses. The lovely actress Lilli Hullander plays the sexy Selena who shows us her scintillating body when she wears a matching purple bra and panty set. She shows her hot cleavage when she lays down in bed and greets her lover. They roll around for a bit in bed, embracing and kissing, but Lilli doesn't unleash her breasts. Instead, we just get more views of her body from front to back. She doesn't take off her undies or her bra, but this scene is still hot to watch. Lilli Hullander in Spides must be taking Blis because her body is bliss!