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Special Treatment

Special Treatment (2010)

Brief Nudity

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High-priced prostitute Alice (Isabelle Huppert) is on her back...so what else is new, right? Well, for one, lying she's on the psychiatrist’s couch in the taut French drama Special Treatment (2011).  Alice is having trouble dealing with the stress of fulfilling every man’s fantasies, so when she meets psychoanalyst Xavier Demestre (Bouli Lanners), they bond over their common contempt for crazy clients. She recommends that he see her lady of the evening friend Juliette (Sabila Moussadek), while he recommends a shrink for her in return; the result is a power struggle over who gives the most effective treatment.Shockingly, we only a brief glimpse of Hall-of-Famer Isabelle Huppert’s crumpets through a steamy shower door at the 56 minute mark.  But Malika Benhadj makes up for it by blazoning her bearded clam and pink piglets 59 minutes in.Plus, nudecomer Sabila Moussadek comes out with her cushy cha-chas and can to help out a guy who can’t perform. These ladies will get you hard for the money!