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Songbird (2020)

No Nudity

Top Scene


Songbird (2020) is a movie made in the throws of 2020, so it should come as no surprise that it is very focused on quarantine restrictions and viral disease. This movie is a dystopian science fiction flick that is equal parts thrills and romance. The year is 2024 in the movie and COVID-19 has morphed into the far more powerful COVID-23 which kills a whopping 50% of its victims and spreads even faster than the original disease. Because of this death rate and deadly spread, the United States government has forced people to leave their homes and live in quarantine camps where they can be better monitored and harder restrictions can be enforced. A lovely young artist is living in the camp and her boyfriend is outside of the camp. He vows to help her get out of the camp, but it proves to not be anywhere near as easy as that. The leading lady Sara, the artist living inside of the camp, is played by Sofia Carson who shows up sexy when she wears a white tank top without a bra underneath. This skinny mini has an impressive chest and pokies underneath that tank top! She is not the only one. The lovely Alexandra Daddario plays May who will make your pants spring into action when you see her wearing a thong. She does a COVID-friendly striptease with a mask on, but her bra and panties are the only other thing she is wearing. Alex's cleavage can always go viral!