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SOKO Köln (2003-2004)

Brief Nudity

SOKO Koln is a long running German tv series that follows a group of five investigators working for the Special Commission in Cologne. They investigate murders that take place in various parts of the city from the red light district to the more upscale parts of town. It also details their personal lives, away from the crime scenes, showing that the drama of their lives is almost as compelling as the cases they're attempting to solve.  Because it's a German tv series, you can guarantee there will be some flesh on display, and this show doesn't disappoint! In the season one episode Der letzte Geburtstag, Christina Beyerhaus is surprised by her man while taking a shower, showing off her sensational shimmies in the process! Also from season one is the episode Das Verhor, where Mina Tander appeared showing off some tantalizing cleavage in a lacy purple bra and a low cut top, as well a nice shot of her lacy underwear before she puts her skirt on! Ms. Tander just made this mission a two hander!

Christina Beyerhaus

Nude - as Susanne

3 Pics
Eva Herzig

Edith Tannert

Sissy Höfferer

Karin Reuter

Kerstin Landsmann

Vanessa Haas

Lilia Lehner

Julia Marschall

Julia Malik

Carla Schumann

Clelia Sarto

Daniela Fiori

Mina Tander

Sexy - as Dorothee Drews

4 Pics

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