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Die Sitte

Die Sitte (2003-2006)

Brief Nudity


Die Sitte, or Vice Squad, is a German television series that ran for three seasons from 2003-2006. Each episode focused on a different victim of a sex crime, and the episode would then flash back and explore the last few hours in the victim's life while simultaneously showing the investigation being led by Detective Hannah Koch and her team of highly specialized detectives and researchers. It's basically a German version of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit that focuses solely on sex crimes and features nudity. Two of the more notable victims during the show's run were played by Sanna Englund and Sylvia Buchbauer. Sylvia's supple swingers can be gimpsed as she rides her man in a flashback from the episode "In flagranti," though his arms keep getting in the way of the goods. Sanna's shimmies are seen in the reflection of a mirror as she takes a bath in the episode "Schichwechsel." The ladies of Vice Squad are so nice you'll cum twice!