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Snowpiercer (2020-2022)

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Premiering in 2020 on TNT, Snowpiercer is the television series based on the 2013 Bong-Joon Ho film of the same name, that was itself based on a French comic book. With all those sources, this series definitely shines as the finest version of the frozen dystopia created when the entire world falls into an ice age. The surviving humans live on a moving train that continually goes around the world, knowing that stopping the train means everyone dies. The rich live up front in a world of luxury, the poor struggle in the dirty back of the train, and class warfare is a near constant threat. The eternally sexy Jennifer Connelly plays Melanie Cavill, the train's Head of Hospitality who does pretty much everything aboard but claims to be working at the behest of the mysterious, unseen train creator Mr. Wilford. When people start dying on the train, Melanie recruits former homicide detective Andre Layton (Daveed Diggs) to figure out what's going on. But letting a trashy tailie into the wealthy world of the front of the train could cause things to go off the rails! Jennifer shows up in her bra when she's changing clothes in one scene, and still looks amazing at her age! Those cans are hot enough to melt all the ice! The sexy Susan Park flashes her ass both while skinnydipping before getting lezzy with Mickey Sumner, who also shows her donkey after getting out of bed. Park that seat meat over here! But Mickey's getting sticky with all sorts of ladies on the train, including Lena Hall just a bit later. She's running a train on all the finest Snowpiercer pieces of ass! Sno-man necessary for all that rail based railing! All those hotties with awesome racks and cracks on the choo choo will make you spew spew to Snowpiercer!