By Mike McPadden

Summer may be winding down, but keeps track of all the hot stuff coming up (and out . . . and off) on DVD.

AUGUST 21, 2008

STUDIO: First Run Features
NUDES: Clotilde Courau (Picture: ) (bush), Judith D'Al?zo (Picture: ) (breasts)
THE SKINNY: The dust of World War II has barely settled at the beginning of Almost Peaceful. Simon Abkarian and Zabou Breitman portray a Jewish couple, Albert and Lea, who reopen their tailor shop in 1946 Paris and staff the business with Jewish survivors of the German death camps. From there, Almost Peaceful delicately explores the various ways in which they reestablish normal lives, while Euro babes Clotilde Courau and Judith D'Al?zo reaffirm the idea that life must go on by sharing with us their naked humanity.

STUDIO: Magnolia
NUDE: Parker Posey (Picture: ) (right breast)
THE SKINNY: Skindependent cinema queen Parker Posey plays Nora, a hapless Manhattanite in her thirties who just can't seem to find the right fellow in Broken English-until she does. His name is Julien (Melvil Poupaud) and he's French, and therein lies the rub. After a dream-come-true whirlwind romance, Julien must return to Paris. Nora ditches New York and wings it to the City of Lights to find him. Will l'amour save the day? See Broken English to find out-as well as for an eyeful of Parker's deliciously petite right-side torso tower.

STUDIO: Vanguard Cinema
NUDE: Heather Gottlieb (FFN, butt)
THE SKINNY: Set in a Minneapolis suburb in the early 1990s, Childhood's End explores sexual dynamics among a tantalizingly taboo pair of couples. Teenage photographer Greg (Sam Trammell) hooks up, and beds down, with Evelyn (Cameron Foord). Among those shocked by this May-December dalliance are high-school loner Rebecca (Heather Gottlieb), who harbors a crush on Greg, and out-and-proud lesbian Denise (Colleen Werthmann). Fortunately for them, and us, the two female outcasts find sensual solace in one another. Childhood's End will give you an adult front.

NUDES: Gabi Fleming (Picture: ) (breasts, butt, bush), Martina Gedeck (Picture: ) (right breast)
THE SKINNY: Written and directed by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, the international arthouse hit The Lives of Others takes place in 1984 East Germany, where, as its opening line spells out, "glasnost is nowhere in sight." There's also no dirt in sight when it comes to playwright Georg Dreyman (Sebastian Koch)-so much so that the secret police, led by Captain Gerd Wiesler (Ulrich M?/b), relentlessly try to pin him with some kind of crime against the state. Bavarian beauties Martina Gedeck and Gabi Fleming spice up the oppressive, gray surroundings with their various pink parts, turning The Lives of Others into a lively exercise for your bratwurst indeed.

NUDES: Nicki Lynn Aycox (breasts, bush), uncredited actresses
THE SKINNY: Neither Balki Bartokomos nor cousin Larry Appleton turn up in the twisty, kinky, pulse-and-other-parts-pounding Bruce Willis thriller Perfect Stranger. The good news, then, is that you can turn on to Halle Berry(Picture: ) as an undercover journalist who infiltrates the office of imposing business magnate Harrison Hill (Willis), whom she believes is a murderer. Specifically the victim is Grace (Nicki Lynn Aycox), Hill's secret lover. As Halle gets to the bottom of Bruce's dirty dealings, we get to see Nicki's naked front. She's playing dead when it happens, but that Nicki's a real live wire-especially when she's exposed. Perfect Stranger will give you a perfect rager.

SKINcoming -- August 2007 (Part Two)
AUGUST 28, 2007

NUDES: Cocoa Brown (Picture: )(breasts), Nina Proll (Picture: ) (breasts)
THE SKINNY: German writer-director Christian Alvart rips the entrails out of audiences' expectations of a serial-killer fright flick in the bloody, sexy, religion-fueled rip-roarer Antibodies. When Berlin police nail Gabriel (Andr?ennicke) for a series of grotesque homicides, rural cop detective Michael (Wotan Wilke M?ng) connects the crimes to a local case he's working. Things get complicated when Gabriel escapes and monkeys with the primal sexual urges and strict Catholic impulses of the inspector on his trail. Antibodies is an original, fearsome descent into horror, and, better yet, it comes with naked (female) bodies.

STUDIO: Acorn Media
NUDES: Katy Cavanagh (FFN), Miranda Richardson (breasts), Claire Skinner (Picture: ) (FFN, butt)
THE SKINNY: Based on the epic twelve-volume novel by Anthony Powell, A Dance to the Music of Time is a sprawling, four-part adaptation made for the UK's Channel Four television network. Dance spans five decades, tracing the progress of narrator Nick Jenkins (James Purefoy) and his compatriots from their school days through World War II up until their varying successes and failures later in life. Claire Skinner lives up to her moniker mo(i)st spectacularly while completely exposing her naked body, while Miranda Richardson's veteran breasts, as always, will put a jaunty dance in your pants.

NUDE: Joanna Krupa (Picture: ) (breasts)
THE SKINNY: Struggling scribbler Giovanni Ribisi is broke and nowhere after a year of paying for therapy with noggin doctor Don Cheadle, so he's reluctant when Dr. Don tells him that what he needs more than anything is a dog. But a mutt just might get him out of his own head, so he decides to give it a whirl in The Dog Problem, a talky indie written and directed by Scott Caan. Scott, as Giovanni's horndog pal, tags along with his buddy on a pooch-shopping trip to the Beverly Center; when Scott gets distracted by a luscious lady, Giovanni ends up picking out a scrawny tramp that he decides he dislikes too much to even name. He tries to give it away to Scott's rich-ditz friend (the supreme Mena Suvari) (Picture: ) , but then, suddenly, he finds himself growing fond of the little fella. It's a good thing, because Giovanni soon ends up at the same dog park as stripper Lynn Collins, and his life starts looking up (and filling up with C-cups).

STUDIO: Lions Gate
NUDES: Farrah Fawcett (FFN), Helen Hunt (Picture: ) (breasts, butt), Holly Pelham (left breast), Janine Turner (Picture: ) (butt)
THE SKINNY: Did you know that Dallas society women lead vacuous lives? Do you care? Well, you might when Dr. T and the Women features Farrah Fawcett dancing nude in public as well as Helen Hunt and Janine Turner turning heads with some nice toplessness. Richard Gere plays a gynecologist-and it may be the closest he's ever gotten to pussy-juggling a crazy wife and mistress. His daughter Kate Hudson (Picture: ) goes lesbo for a voluptuous-looking Liv Tyler, which sounds mildly erotic but is mostly just tease. Forget Dr. T, where's Dr. Feel-the-Goods when we need him most?

NUDE: Alice Arno (Picture: ) (FFN, butt)
THE SKINNY: The Marquis de Sade's main belief was that good people get taken advantage of, and the benefit goes to those who take advantage. Personally, though, we think everyone wins as Alice Arno constantly sheds her clothes in this tale of the Marquis's favorite plaything, Justine de Sade. There are some shocking scenes in this decadent tale, but things still seem pretty classy-mainly due to expensive sets and Arno's armory of awesome antics.

LOL (2006)
STUDIO: Benten Films
NUDES: Kate Winterich (breasts, butt), uncredited actresses
THE SKINNY: In the vernacular of Internet communication, the acronym "LOL" stands for "laugh out loud." The movie LOL connects the stories of three Chicago friends who are, in turn, constantly connected to online technology. Alex (Kevin Bewersdorf) eschews real-life women for web porn. Tim (who's played by LOL director Joe Swanberg) is so distracted by instant messages and email that he barely notices his lovely girlfriend, Ada (Brigid Reagan). Chris (C. Mason Wells) maintains a long-distance relationship via cell phone and mini-camera. LOL provides an insightful look at the changing circumstances of modern romance, while also supplying an abundance of bare babes to eyeball.

MEATBALLS 4 (1992)
NUDES: Neriah Davis (butt), Kristi Ducati (breasts), Paige French (breasts), Lauren Hays (breasts), Miche Straube (breasts), Cristy Thom (breasts)
THE SKINNY: The original Meatballs (1979) is a beloved Bill Murray family favorite. The sequel-in-name-only Meatballs Part II (1984) is an off-the-wall E.T. parody set at a summer camp. Meatballs III (1987) casts Patrick Dempsey as Rudy-the long-distance runner played by Chris Makepeace in the first movie-who loses his virginity with help from the ghost of porn star Roxanne Du Jour, portrayed by Sally Kellerman. And now, breaking form again, we have Meatballs 4. Corey Feldman, as a champion water skier, races in an epic battle between lakeside summer camps on behalf of the youth resort owned by Jack Nance-and, yes, Jack Nance would be the man who played Eraserhead. Dockside bikini sirens include some of the early 1990s' most scorching softcore beauties and, as this is a film that includes a game of "strip charades," Meatballs 4 provides potent opportunities for viewers to ogle them in and out of their swimsuits. And Corey Feldman. And Eraserhead.

RED ROAD (2006)
STUDIO: Tartan
NUDE: Kate Dickie (Picture: ) (FFN, butt)
THE SKINNY: It's an art flick. Okay. It's directed by a woman. Good. Star Kate Dickie takes off her clothes. Excellent. Set in gloomy Glasgow, Red Road finds Dickie getting paid to observe video surveillance of a single block along Red Road to keep the residents safe from whatever evils might lurk in this part of sexy, seductive Scotland. When she observes an ex-con named Tony prowling her electronic beat, Kate decides to go on the hunt. But why? What sort of sordid Scottish past did they share? Where's all this going? Oh, you have an idea. And it ain't the golf course.

NUDES: Ava Fabian (Picture: ) (breasts), Darlene Vogel (breasts)
THE SKINNY: Whistler Mountain is the place. Ski bum Dave (Dean Cameron) is our hero. Snooty Reid (Mark Thomas Miller) is the hot dog who needs a comeuppance. And how does that happen? Well, you've got to take him to Ski School. Reid actually owns the winter athletic academy of the title, but he's no match for Dave and newcomer Johnny Roland (Tom Breznahan), who sock it to Reid and his fellow snow snobs with pranks, parties, and killer runs. With bunny-hill beauties baring boobs, to boot, Ski School will give you quite a ski lift.

VANESSA (1977)
NUDES: Olivia Pascal (Picture: ) (FFN, butt), Uschi Zech (Picture: ) (FF, butt), Eva Garden (Picture: ) (FF,butt)
THE SKINNY: When a young lady is brought up in a too-strict school environment, there are dangers that she will overcompensate upon graduation. Vanessa tells the X-rated tale of an angelic orphaned sprite, Olivia Pascal, who is raised by the well-meaning, sheltering nuns of a convent following the death of her parents. But the foxy nubile cannot remain secluded from the real world forever. Upon venturing from the cloistered walls to claim the inheritance left her by Mom and Dad, Vanessa travels to Hong Kong and is perplexed to learn that the family income derives from a string of Asian whorehouses. The nature versus nurture debate in regard to Vanessa's erotic character is thence argued to greatly arousing effect.

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