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She didn’t launch her career until 2002, but Sienna Miller is already hotter than a sauna. She also got a whirlpool going in our underwear when she showed up on the critically acclaimed 2003 TV series Keen Eddie. Sienna was responsible for a lot of the hype as a hot UK cop dealing with a crude American detective. Too bad the show was quickly canceled. Keen Eddie still brought the English beauty—who was actually born in New York City—to Hollywood’s attention. She stole scenes in the cultish UK crime drama Layer Cake (2004), but Alfie (2004) really got those Miller mams exposed. Co-star Jude Law jumped on a good opportunity, too, eventually becoming Sienna’s fiancé in the wake of his divorce from Sadie Frost. After Jude was caught diddling his children's nanny, the couple broke up, and Sienna eventually moved on to married-with-four-children Balthazar Getty—and a ton of paparazzi attention. Mr. Skin continues to give this English beauty attention as well, as she keeps delivering excellent nudity in films like the Edie Sedgwick biopic Factory Girl (2006) and the Dylan Thomas biopic The Edge of Love (2009), in which Sienna gets naked and lezzie with Keira Knightley.

High-Rise Nude - as Charlotte Melville
Nude, breasts 00:21:50 Sienna's left breast pops out of her top as Tom Hiddleston pounds her on the veranda! (1 min 15 secs)
Two Jacks Nude - as Diana
Nude, breasts 00:27:57 Brief breasts from Sienna as she sits on the bed. Then a much better view when she lies back. It's Miller time! (45 secs)
The Edge of Love Nude - as Caitlin MacNamara
Nude, butt, breasts 00:42:57 Sultry Sienna throws off her towel to join Keira in the tub and gives us a sneak peek at her seat and left teat.
The Mysteries of Pittsburgh Nude - as Jane Bellwether
Nude, butt 00:30:37 Sienna and her two dude friends lose their laundry and jump into a pool. Check out the Skinvision for Sienna's sweet seat. (24 secs)
Nude, butt, breasts 01:04:17 Sienna undresses and hops on her man's rod, giving some shadowy right boob and a skintastic shot of her squatter. (45 secs)
Nude, breasts 00:52:00 A little lefty from luscious Ms. Miller when she gets banged in bed by her bushy-bearded beau. (15 secs)
Interview Nude - as Katya
Nude, butt 00:56:00 Miller looks killer when she leans over to flash a little coin slot crackage towards gaping Buscemi. (9 secs)
Nude, butt 01:13:00 A little more Miller can! She leans over in those ultra-tight jeans, and we get another peek at the cracko. (7 secs)
Factory Girl Nude - as Edie Sedgwick
Nude, breasts, butt 00:21:00 Miller looks killer showing off her rack and rump in the tub while chatting with Warhol via telephone. (36 secs)
Nude, breasts, bush 01:02:00 It's Racktory, Curls as Sienna gets banged by Hayden Christensen. You can almost see her Warhole! (53 secs)
Nude, breasts 01:06:00 A little more right hand mam as she shares a postcoital cig with Anakin Skywalker. (14 secs)
Nude, breasts, butt 01:27:00 Drugged-up Sienna flashes skinny seat and sweet left teat while being filmed. That'll light your Sedgwick! (2 mins 1 sec)
Alfie Nude - as Nikki
Nude, breasts, thong, underwear 00:56:34 Sienna yanks off her top and spends a good long luscious time roaming around in only a pair of teeny panties, talking to Jude Law. Miller's hill-ers are killer! (1 min 48 secs)
Layer Cake Nude - as Tammy
Nude, breasts 00:49:00 Get a couple wee peeks at Sienna's stupendously sweet left teat as she sensuously slides on her sexy lingerie. (1 min 6 secs)

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