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Shangri-La: Near Extinction

Shangri-La: Near Extinction (2018)

No Nudity

Top Scene


Shangri-La: Near Extinction(2018) is a post-apocalyptic film about a creature threatening the survivors left behind after a disease has wiped out most of the world's population. Shangri-La is the last place for humans to be safe, but mutated creatures threaten those trying to find it. At least beautiful babes are surviving at the end of humanity like Pamela Chau and Maryann DiPietro who both appear in some sexy bikinis during a creepy sacrifice scene. Pamela bares her captivating cleavage in a beaded gold bikini as she addresses her subjects. She’s got a weird tentacle coming out of her forehead, but we’ll just focus on her skimpy outfit! Maryanna is chained to a pillar and painted gold. We get a great look at her toned tummy in her leather bikini. She’s one sexy sacrifice! Last but not least we get some sexy shots form Sara Malakul Lane who appears naked for a tasty threesome with two dudes! We don’t get any actual nudity but we get to see her bare back and her cute tush in panties. Shangri-ooh-la-la!