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Some of ya are going to say you could never be turned on by a pregnant woman. Some of ya are going to swear the big belly is too weird, even if the jugs get giant when they swell with milk. Some of ya, or more likely all of ya, will immediately abandon this position after seeing the sensual Samya de Lavor in the most erotic positions a preggers chick can get into. Coming to us from Brazil, Samya got her start in Com os Punhos Cerrados (2014) but really grabbed our attention by the hornies as Geise in the drama Neon Bull (2015). The movie follows a man named Iremar who works at a rodeo in the North East of Brazil, but dreams of becoming a fashion designer. While the film focuses on Iremar and his eclectic rodeo coworkers, at one point we see him meet a pregnant, door to door perfume sales person played by Samya. After some initial seduction the two get down to birthing induction, via some very erotic baby making. The passionate scene is almost five minutes long and Samya makes the most of it by showing off every inch of her perfect, pregnant body. That sexy baby bump is making us say, “Oh, baby!” After some basic missionary, Samya and her man climb up on the stage and start doing reverse cowgirl! This clearly isn’t Samya’s first rodeo! Shows what bull all that "not into pregnant chicks" was, huh? After doing the ole baby bump hump, Samya moved on to appear in The Last Breath (2016), My Own Private Hell (2018), The Boat (2018) and Pacarrete (2019), but none of those flicks came even close to giving us the spank bank deposit Neon Bull did. We need more. We can't get enough tastes of the savory flavor or Samya de Lavor.