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Romper Stomper

Romper Stomper (1993)

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Geoffrey Wright’s punk crime flick Romper Stomper (1993) centers around skinheads (sadly, not like the skinheads of Skin Central). The Australian gang of fascists (Dan Wyllie, Eric Mueck, James McKenna, John Brumpton, Leigh Russell, Tony Lee) are led by the charismatic Hando (a young Russell Crowe), whose bald head attracts the rich and sexually abused Gabrielle (Jacqueline McKenzie). During a hardcore music inspired montage, we get to see Crowe grab Jackie’s bouncing breasticles as their characters have frantic sex. If that’s not titillating enough, the tattooed babe also bares her butt! Of course, one chrome dome is as good as another for this slutty stunner from the land down under so she leaves Hando for his righthand man (Daniel Pollock). The new neo-Nazi couple can be seen copulating in various positions. As Jacqueline bumps uglies with her hairless humper, she exposes her mini Mein Kampfs and white heinie in what looks to be un-simulated intercourse! Alas, the hate group’s love triangle ends with some surf-side violence. But the picture itself did very well. In addition to being a box office smash, Romper Stomper was nominated for nine Australian Film Institute Awards — winning Best Actor in a Lead Role, Best Original Music Score, and Best Achievement in Sound. It also spawned the six-part television sequel Romper Stomper (2018) with Ms. McKenzie, Mr. Wyllie and Mr. Brumpton reprising their respective roles. Yet whenever fans of the original want to reprise Gabrielle’s roll in the hay, all they have to do is hit replay!