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Qing ben jia ren

Qing ben jia ren (1992)

Great Nudity!

Top Scene


Young and lovely Lo-Yin is working late at the office one night when a creepy raincoat-clad employee shows up and brutally attacks the poor girl in Qing ben jia ren (1992). Lo-Yin is killed when she falls upon a sharp little memo spike, and her attacker runs off into the night. A few days later he comes across a bar hostess who is the spitting image of the deal girl, so the creep offers her a healthy sum of cash in exchange for a simple charade: She’s to head back to the office, posing as Lo-Yin, and offer her resignation. But when management offers the double incentive to stay on board, she happily does so, much to the chagrin of the Raincoat Killer. In a dual role, the vivacious Veronica Yip does a nag-up job, particularly where the nudity’s concerned. You’ll get a sweet taste of things to come only four minutes into the movie, but it’s not until much later that you’ll be treated to a seriously long and very lovely visit with Veronica in the shower.