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Romance of the West Chamber

Romance of the West Chamber (1997)

Great Nudity!


Based on an ancient Chinese play of the Yuan Dynasty era, this is more modernized and eroticized take on the story of a scholar who travels to the capitol and makes a stop at a monastery. The 23 year old scholar winds up going gaga for a girl named Ann-Ann, who he later finds out is the Prime Minister’s daughter. Since maneuvering around the eyes of a protective father with the power of the government at his disposal could be challenging for our hero, Chueng Gwan Shui, Ann-Ann’s handmaid, Hung, acts as intermediary between the two star-crossed lovers.

The slim and petite Chisato Kawamura, who plays Ann-Ann, has a few bathhouses scenes with Keung Ka Ling, who plays her handmaid, and also shows her muff in an ultimate love scene. Keung Ka Ling also has some solitary bedroom scenes, featuring tit rubbing and the like. Monastery life is supposed to be hard, but is it also supposed to make you hard?