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Pura vida Ibiza

Pura vida Ibiza (2004)

Brief Nudity


Ben, Felix, and Nick are recent high school grads and looking to party. At one party, though, Ben decides to confess his love for Carola, and the rejection is too much to take. The friends then get jobs at a vacation resort in Ibiza, off the Mediterranean coast. What they think will be a summer full of sex, drunkenness, and partying turns out to be only one of work. Things are made worse when Ben runs into Carola and her DJ boyfriend. The guys don’t let their hopes falter, and continue to try having fun for as long as the summer will last.

Loads of bikini-clad hotties make waves throughout the movie, yet not a drop of nudity. Katja Flint, Julia Dietze, and Maxi Warwel pop up a number of times, usually donning a new outfit, but rocking the same cleavage. If you’re coming into this movie looking for a little more skin, you might get burned like our three heroes.