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Peacemaker (2022)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


Peacemaker (2022) is an exciting new series from James Gunn that takes us into some of the origin of the DC heroes that we know and love. Word on the superhero street is that James Dunn was so bored in quarantine that he wrote the entire first season in 8 weeks and he never really thought that it would ever get picked up to become a real show. And yet? Here we are! We meet DC superheroes who join forces in order to protect world peace from the villainous forces that seek to tear it down. There are some real stars in this series! Jennifer Holland stars as Emilia Harcourt who keeps things rather clothed when she lays on her side in bed while chatting on the phone. Sadly, we don't see her nude in this scene. Danielle Brooks plays Leota Adebayo and Elizabeth Faith Ludlow plays Keeya and these two have some woman-on-woman chemistry going on. They smooch, but they are sadly all dressed. Crystal Mudry plays Annie Stuphausen who rocks big bleached blonde hair along with her pink bra. She looks like a badass Barbie! The bra comes off in one scene and we see her heavy hooters. Alison Araya plays Amber who gives us a peek at her pair when she lays in bed topless. She lays in between two lucky men, John Cena, and a masked vigilante, as she passes a joint between them. Those guys get a front-row seat to her suck sacks. Those hooters are enough to make us feel high!