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Pandemonium (1988)

Brief Nudity


A girl returns to exact revenge on the parents who tried to sacrifice her to wild dingoes in the comedy Pandemonium (1989). The Dingo Girl  (Amanda Dole) was left as a baby in a pack of dingoes by her crackpot parents, allegedly at the behest of God. Instead of devouring her, the dingoes raised her as a wild child, and now as an adult she is returning to the place of her birth. Along the way she will meet up with crazed occultists who think she can prevent Armageddon, lesbian Nazis who want to create a master race with her, a mad scientist, and her horny estranged father who wants her to star in his “art film”.Australian Playboy Playmate Amanda Dole does what she does best by going nude as the feral female in this off-the-wall film. She has no use for clothes, so we get to see plenty of wild woman wobblers. This Barbie will make your shrimp hot!


Amanda Dole

Nude - as The Dingo Girl

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