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Oi apanthropoi

Oi apanthropoi (1976)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


A group of insurgents kidnap a boy for ransom in the Greek grindhouse flick Oi apanthropoi (1976). Ruthless revolutionaries pull off a spectacular casino heist to score the cash needed to fund their arms stockpiling. They still need to smuggle the dough out of the country though, and plan to sneak it out rolled up in cartons of cigarettes. But when a determined inspector catches them in the act and apprehends the loot at the airport, the rebels kidnap his young son to hold for ransom.Sasa Kastoura starts this movie out in the breast way possible by baring every luscious inch 1-minute in. She supplies the muff first wearing only a shirt, then she strips down to show off her fantastic funbags and meaty seat while her dude rubs sunscreen on her. You’ll be squirting sunscreen in your hand!