New Nudes are Big News!

“Even the greatest art works can be revitalized by new technologies,” writes Ben Greenman in the latest issue of The New Yorker.

And he’s not talking about the restoration of the Sistine Chapel.

Rather, he’s referring to the painstaking work that goes on everyday at the skinlabs here at Namely, checking to see if Heather Graham’s naked butt is visible in the newly released Blu-ray version of James Toback’s Two Girls and a Guy.

Since movies began appearing in the high-definition Blu-ray format in June of 2006, Mr. Skin’s technicians haven been re-watching every available movie to see if anything has changed in terms of nudity.

The results have been more than surprising. In fact, they’re downright skintastic, as the Huffington Post reports.

“Blu-ray quality is six times better than DVD," Mr. Skin told The New Yorker. "If you watch a movie on Blu-ray, something you thought was just a shadow will suddenly be revealed as a breast or a butt."

Here are a few of our most exciting Blu-ray discoveries:

Olivia Williams’s bush in The Postman

Kelly Lynch’s bush in Road House

Sharon Stone’s lips in Basic Instinct

Claudine Auger’s bush in Thunderball

Demi Moore’s bush in About Last Night

Glenn Close’s bush in Fatal Attraction

Jenny Agutter’s bush in An American Werewolf in London

Sabrina Scharf and Toni Basil nude in Easy Rider

Bridget Fonda nude in Point of No Return

Now that the Christmas shopping season is at hand, there are two things that no skinficianado can be without: a Blu-ray player and Mr. Skin's Skincyclopedia: The A-to-Z Guide to Finding Your Favorite Actresses NakedSecond Edition to tell him which movie to watch.

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