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Molly (1999)

Brief Nudity

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Back before Hollywood decided that it wasn't cool for actresses who don't actually have a mental issue to pretend they do, representation be damned Elisabeth Shue played Molly (1999) an autistic woman kicked out of the mental institution she's lived in for decades. Molly's parents died when she was a kid and since she couldn't take care of herself she was put in an institution. Now 28 years old, when it closes down due to budget problems she moves in with her successful businessman brother Buck (Aaron Eckhart). Molly's not easy to live with, and soon enough she's making his life a nightmare. But when a doctor manages to cure her via an experimental brain cell surgery, suddenly Molly appears totally normal. Her and Buck are having intelligent conversations, doing normal stuff together, and really getting along. But it ends up that cure is only temporary, so both siblings have to accept that her autism is coming back and they're both going to have to live with that. Sound familiar? Yes, this is indeed a modern twist on the short story "Flowers for Algernon" which you might know from the 1968 movie Charly. But that tale of a suddenly smart dude wasn't smart enough to show a hot blonde nude, so it looks like the makers of Molly were the more intelligent filmmakers. Yes, at one point when Molly is messing up Buck's life, she walks buck naked into a very important business meeting he is having. Molly's annoyed about how her clothes feel, so she strips them off and heads into the boardroom au naturale, and naturally, it's super sexy! You'll be stiff as a board seeing her buns and bush before Buck realizes what's going on! She'd never land the role today, but good golly was Elisabeth Shue hot in Molly!